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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

The Fourth of July weekend is over, and I had a much needed 'do nothing' type of rest that is honestly my favorite kind of break. I still had a hard seltzer and somehow found my self on a boat watching fireworks, courtesy of our lovely friends, but beyond that exciting event I didn't do very much at all.

Today I'd like to write about my husband because it'll be nice to remember how adorable he was this weekend. Long story short, and for various reasons- I've been a bit blue. It's not really anything to worry about, simply one of those times in life when you see yourself walking side by side with a little melancholy. This long weekend, I just wanted to wallow, watch stranger things and not do laundry.

Well to my annoyance Anthony had other plans. Let's Rake the leaves! (after the second episode of Stranger things,) let's go for a walk! , let's clean the house! , leTS Go SoMeWheRe!

CAN WE PLEASE be blue together?!

Side thought: How are we ever going to have a kid? I'm such a lazy fuck sometimes.

End of side thought.

To appease him, (as the glorious and thoughtful partner I am,) I said yes to go somewhere for ice cream.

Anthony of course didn't want ice cream, he wanted cupcakes, so we compromised on making both trips and eating the goods at home (glorious). Whenever Anthony feels I'm slightly off, he has the annoying habit of being REALLY nice to me, and for some reason this escalates my annoyance/anger towards the situation. (what can I say? I'm a complicated creature). Here is the dialogue we had as I best remember it from inside the cupcake shop:

(Lady at the shop, Anthony and Myself staring at the cupcake shelf)

Anthony: Instead of one big cupcake, I'll have two little ones

Me: Great!

Anthony: Do you want one?

Me: Nope

Anthony: I'm stuck between the German chocolate and the Carrot cake.

Me: ooohhh, they have a Cannoli one.

Anthony: (looks at me) Do you want one?

Me: No, you already asked me.

Anthony: ok....

Lady from the shop: We have a new Latte one that's really good if you'd like to try it. It's filled with Dulce de Leche.

Anthony: That sounds so good! babe, I can get that one for you.


Anthony: ... ok, so should I get the German chocolate one and the latte?

Me: What? you hate anything coffee flavored.

Anthony: Yeah for sure, but it's for you! (smiling kindly)

Me: ....(stares at him--starts to get flushed) PLEASE JUST GET WHATEVER YOU WANT!

Lady from the shop: ...

Anthony: ....

Me: ...

Anthony: (with puppy eyes) Are you sure?

Me:.............................................................................................(lighting eyes)

Anthony: OK!, I guess I'll have the carrot cake and the German chocolate. Do you have one for dogs?

Lady at the shop: Yes we do!

The next day, I went to the bookstore to purchase my July philosophy book: Man's Search for Meaning, and on the way home I stopped to get Anthony some lunch.

Me: What would you like? I'm not really hungry, so I'm just gonna get you whatever you want.

Anthony: Are you sure? Why don't you choose the place then, so you can have something.

Me:...Babe, I don't want anything, let's not do this again! WHAADDA YOU WAAANTTT

Anthony:...... Ok fine, I'll have chipotle

I get home. Anthony is in the kitchen.

Me: I got your food!

Anthony: ... (turns around holding a giant platter with sliced tomatoes, mozzarella and balsamic olive oil) I made you a snack!

Me: ..(starts laughing) that's a snack? That's like three tomatoes and the whole packet of mozzarella!

Anthony: ... I knew you'd be hungry. :)

Me: .....Thank you.. I was kinda hungry.


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