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T.M.A.D.D A Triumphant Return


It's been a year and a half since the last time I updated this blog and while going down memory lane, I re-read my first post, where I named my affliction properly: T.M.A.D.D or 'The Millennial Attention Deficit Disorder'.


I can't believe it's been this long. A lot has changed in my life- and there is a lot I would like to share. So where to start...Well, the last year and a half has been filled with other unfinished projects but more importantly, I got married!

Ugh- the wedding. (I hope that 'ugh' comes across as a mixture of both total annoyance and fondness) It was a crazy ride getting to that altar- and I have already written about it. So I'll make it my next post. But seriously, I don't think the stress is truly understood until suddenly you find yourself as the bridezilla holding the hardcover folder with every-minute of the 'big' day planned alongside important phone numbers and color coordinated notes which you put together for your day of coordinator. The best wedding advice I can now give is- make sure you hire a day of coordinator. So so so important.

Many other things have happened as well. Like the election--- which was a total bummer. Now I feel both numb to the fact that politics is mostly bullshit and open to the possibility that we are leaderless and perhaps have always been. Basically I've grieved the loss of certainty, or the illusion of it and I've learned that there are no real 'bad' guys. There are days when I think that as terrible as it felt back then-- it is now possibly the best outcome that could have happened. The election demanded our attention, and it demanded that we asked ourselves what kind of country we want/ed to be. And it continues to be a good thing because a consciousness which wasn't there before is suddenly a voice in the back of our heads asking 'was that the right thing'? It's like growing through adolescence- an awaking of thought, many times misguided but hopefully still pushing us in the right direction of growth.

All the external world problems have also nudged me to turn inwards. And I've felt a lot of change there too. From wondering if I liked my friends to the more prominent- do I like myself? To dealing with some bouts of anxiety (now very trendy) to calming the raging seas of endless thoughts. I have been melancholic and I have been happy and I have mostly realized that I should be more open about my internal life.

And the answer is yes. I like my friends.

Oh.. Also I went to Hawaii and it was an amazing trip lol. Here are a bunch of other pictures from the past year and a half. I'll be back soon.



The friends

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