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Updated: Jul 2, 2019

​My favorite time of year is heeeerrreee.

I've already attended Halloween Horror Nights, a local haunted trail called Petrified Forest, dressed up in two costumes, held a spooky dinner and listened to the soundtrack of the Nightmare Before Christmas on loop. (Meanwhile a Hurricane came through town, I went to L.A, have worked every weekend all while this anxiety inducing election plays out)

The month isn't over yet- I still have a pumpkin carving party to attend, a Dracula Ballet show to experience, a third costume to wear, an engagement to announce and candy to hand out. October is the beginning of the holiday season in which we celebrate the perfect trifecta: the paranormal, family and spirituality. I don't like to let memories slip by without intentionally enjoying every moment- so I plan. I'm the planner in my group of friends and I take that responsibility often a bit too far since I usually end up bullying everyone into having a 'good time'. Although this year I took a back seat because not having your own place to hold and host parties can be difficult so I have to rely on others to be as enthusiastic as I am. Nicole and I (my co-host for the dinner dinner party and good friend) was happy to lend her place, and her cooking skills really did everyone good in the end lol. I don't know why I love dinner parties so much when I'm not a great cook myself, but dang it- practice makes perfect right?

My Frida Kahlo Costume :)

I tried to film as much as I could, but that always proves to be difficult. The best I could do for the video was record the delicious Mummy Pumpkin Cookies recipe and you can see in the pictures how that turned out :3

Here is the link to the full recipe:

Besides the cookies, we also made chicken pot pies with spooky crusts, apple pie cookies (recipe here), another mummy themed baked bread and champagne with grape juice that gave it a creepy blue-red tinge. Before dinner started we chanted a friendship spell, after dinner we told each other our scariest experiences and proceeded to watch The Conjuring 2. It's been a beautiful month, and I'm eternally grateful to lead such a full life. The future may be hazy for many reasons, but today I celebrate the here and now.

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