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Photo: Me trying on sunglasses in Greece. Circa 2014? - I honestly don't remember.

Hey Guys, welcome to the first post for the tenth time.

I'm stuck on Water and Honey-I can't let it go. I've re-built it more times than I am willing to admit always from the ashes of an illusive dream. Like most humans I want to share. But what to share exactly is what fucks me. So here I am again trying to solve the mystery of desire, muse and what I like to call 'The Millennial Attention Defeciet Disorder' or T.M.A.D.D.

This blog (this time) is about the things I like ok? It's about the fashion scene in Orlando- mostly street style. It's about women entrepreneurs sprinkled with personal development advise from the 'self-help-section' Queen--ME!. Yep, my mind goes a thousand miles a second and I figured out meditation helps a lot>>> see? I've already helped you. If you go meditate because of this post you're fucking welcome.

Anyways I love fashion but I'm not a fashion blogger. I'm not naturally cool, I'm a bit too short and too medium sized to seriously fake my way into Instagram super stardom. I'm also too messy to bring the Pinterest grandeur to life and I could go on about the fallacies of materialism. So I'm choosing to stick with street style photography which instead of driving commerce simply admires originality and the beauty of everyday life.

Water and Honey, by the way, is a healing mixture in life. That's why I chose the name and that's why this blog continues to persist. So I'm taking a deep breath, I'm putting my blinders on to keep the pesky T.M.A.D.D at bay and with a lot of gusto dive into the mission that pushes me again and again towards this platform: To share content that inspires.

I'll keep you posted.


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